I’m still so torn with task management. The real issue is when I’m at work. Todoist is so much better on the web, but OF is so much better as iOS goes. And I know the @omni grouo always supports new iOS technologies. Typically on day one. The web app can’t improve fast enough. Currently paying for all of this πŸ€‘

First soccer camp…

It was a 4 day sort of skills starter camp. He starts in the rec league in a few weeks. He’s excited!

Just finished watching Basketball or nothing on Netflix. No, I didn’t tear up, nope, not me.

One of my oldest mugs. I’m not giving up on you yet.

Impressed some executives at work recently with Todoist. After a meeting which I have to run, I record action items/owner and then resolution using Todoist. I basically did “print with comments” and took a screen grab. People were like, “how did you do that? What program is that? That was cool.”

Didn’t get the job

Instead I am changing teams to work under someone else to get a different perspective. My new boss will be going out for surgery for 6-8 weeks and I’ll be acting manager while he’s gone. Another slot will open soon, hopefully I get the next one.

Interviewing for a manager position tomorrow. Wish me luck!

So weird. I think I actually caused Apple to improve something. Two days after complaining to Apple I checked again and it’s seems to be completely fixed. Not sure how I was the only one with this problem though?

Apple TV Channels

Has anyone signed up for HBO via Apple TV channels on Apple TV? Try browsing for some shows. Maybe try to find Sopranos, for instance. You can’t find it. you can search for it via Siri, but it is not available to browse. This is so weird and such a bad experience. I talked to apple support who told me to download the HBO Now app. I explained to them this WON’T work, but did it anyway. They told me to restore purchases, but that of course didn’t work. You can’t since up Apple TV channels and the separate HBO Now/Go apps. So after talking to a senior advisor, the support rep told me that this is just how it works now. They are still “building it out” and I could cancel my subscription via Apple TV channels, and sign up via HBO Now in order to use the app and get the full HBO browsing experience. The bizarre thing is that you can see all the shows via the app on iPhone/iPad. this is really a bad user experience and something I haven’t seen anyone else discuss.

If @Evernote finally fixes all their bugs and ships these huge updates, I’d go back from Devonthink