On the iOS 13 share sheet, frequent contacts are suppose to be listed at the top. It’s not on mine.

Does it take time before it learns who to put there?

DEVONthink and Keep It

After the updates to Keep It recently, I wanted to try it again as my everything bucket. So far… I’m disappointed. I moved a folder of maybe 1500 files into the app. The app froze up and became unresponsive. Now granted, I’ve got an old MacBook Air, but still…. when I try this in DEVONthink, it works.

Then came to sync.

Keep it was taking forever to upload documents to iCloud. It never finished and would hang up again at 400 items. I didn’t have these issues with DEVONthink.

So for now, I’m sticking with DT.

All this syncing makes me long for Evernote to FINALLY bring the updates they have been promising. Time will tell…

Recently moved back to Gsuite from Fastmail. Gmails auto sorting seems pretty darn good these days, thinking of turning off my Sanebox subscription.

Made a mistake at work today. It’s hard to explain unless you work in my field. I hate this feeling. I beat myself up so much.

I have to say, DTTG by @devontech sync (via iCloud) is pretty damn fast these days.

Trying to get rid of Evernote

May have come up with a new solution to sharing my everything buckets with my wife. I been having my scansnap to send all documents to dropbox, then syncing to evernote using zapier.

My wife doesn’t particularly like evernote ( I have mixed emotions) and doesn’t like using their apps, I don’t blame her.

New idea… scan all documents to a google drive folder. Google drive nativley supports searching within all types of documents. I could then share this google drive folder with my wife. She does use and like google products.

For my own uses, I will import all these documents into Devonthink 3.0 as I prefer keeping everything in there.

Once I have some time I will set this all up and we will see how it goes…

Obligatory Apple iPhone day post: Me: space grey, 256gb Pro max Wife: silver, 256gb Pro

For the first year we went with the Apple iPhone upgrade program (sorry Verizon)

Took under 2 min total.


It is so refreshing for a software giant to give us a heads up as to where they are headed.

Well done @omnigroup

Something incredibly cool about Apple Card… I was out with my kids getting ice cream. I gave the waitress my Apple Card to pay the bill … I got a push notification for the transaction on my phone before she even came back to the table.

I still don’t love using Todoist. Though it’s most convenient on my work pc :/ OmniFocus is just meh on the web so far. Wish things had a web app too. Still paying for OF web and I keep swapping around. So frustrating!