Is there no easy way to get the URL of a mail message on iPad or iOS? I know about dragging the message to another app (that gives you a link), but why no other way? Can shortcuts help?

Second day, with my new @goruck Rucker 4.0

Just got the new Rucker 4.0, 25 L from @Goruck

Doing my first “ruck” work out. Only going for 30-45 min… but have to start somewhere.

Does anyone notice how much faster something like Fastmail is on iOS mail vs gmail?

For some reason I’ve become obsessed with backpacks lately.

So far I’ve got the new evergpoos cpl v3 and the gr2 26l.

I reviewed a bag……

Can’t wait for my evergoods cpl28! Hope it’s not too big though…

Who is still using

👋 Sanebox

Something the one true John said really resonated with me:

“First, I canceled my SaneBox account. I’ve used the service for years, and it has many useful features, but when I took a hard look at it, I wasn’t using many of them. It has the advantage of separating important email messages from unimportant ones, but the trouble is that just because a message is from someone I don’t know doesn’t mean it’s not important, which meant I had to regularly look in multiple places to see if I’d missed something potentially important. So, instead of leaving it to a robot to decide what I should see, I decided to take control of that process myself.”

I did/do like sane box.. but it really just became another inbox to check.

Found a new series I really like. Finished books 1 and 2, starting book 3 now. Really great sci-fi

The Forever

How do I post a YouTube video to my With the YouTube frame?


So… my 6 year old wanted a website. I thought about it and decided to create him a blog on He has no problem posting all by himself (under my supervision).

Elf on the shelf skin my son made and wanted posted

More thoughts on HEY!

Features I like in no particular order

I do like the screener. But at times it can be annoying. For instance, I sign up for a food delivery service and make an order. They send an e-mail. I clearly want confirmation, but I always have to screen them in. The same is true for online retailers.

I love per contact notifications, but I wish they could be more fine grained. I want notifications from some things, but not every notification. For instance, I would like receipts from things I buy, but not “special offers” from the same domain.

I like Hey’s widget way more than spark or Apple mail for instance. Maybe this is per your own taste, but it’s what I think.

I like set aside, it’s probably my most used feature. I know it’s easily replicated in a standard client, but the way it’s built in makes a difference.

Focus and reply I rarely use. Outside of work, I just don’t reply to that many emails.

I also don’t really use the notes attached to e-mail like I thought I would.

Search hasn’t been an issue of late, but it’s clearly not yet as good as gmail or Fastmail. Like I said, it hasn’t been an issue lately, but I do worry about it.

They app. I really like the app, but do sometimes get frustrated I can’t easily get mail into Devonthink or use a new client.

Let me know what questions you have!

Hey, FastMail, and Gmail Oh My!


Ok, I wanted to (and did) love using Hey. But there are and were issues.

The biggest issue for me is probably search. Search is currently awful in Hey. You can search for a keyword you know is in an email and it sometimes simply won’t find the email. Search doesn’t find file names in attachments. I don’t understand why it’s so bad. If search were rock solid, I may still be using Hey.

I liked the concept Hey uses of unimportant email going to the paper trail and the feed, however, too many companies still send email from the same email address. I end up getting tons of email to the Imbox still because I don’t want to miss the emails I do want to see still. With other services I use Sanebox, so a lot of filtering is taken care of for me.


I really do love FastMail. There mobile app is far superior to Gmail’s mobile app. Search if FastMail is great, it even searches inside documents now, just like gmail. The issue is that I still use Google for a lot of things. I didn’t switch to Hey for privacy concerns. I share a lot of documents with my spouse within Google Drive. It just didn’t make sense to stick with FastMail based on all the integrations I use from Google Workspace.

Will I go back?

Honestly, PROBABLY!

What I mean is I love to experiment with apps and services and something will probably push me back, and I’ll start the flip flop cycle, but these are my thoughts today.

My hey email then Fastmail excursion are over. Loved a lot of hey, but search is just awful. Fastmail is also great, but the integrations on google workspace are too good. Keeping an eye on both though. I flip flop a lot lol

My son wants to be a YouTuber (6). I want to start working on my LumaFusion skills. The result… a work in progress for both of us lol…

It finally arrived

Finished reading “Hail Mary” by Andy Weir. Excellent sci-fi. Highly recommend! 📚

Went back to gmail for reasons , happy so far. Miss some features of Hey, but freedom of using any app is nice. Also search is so much better.

Evil bowl or happy bowl?

the four seasons

This is amazing

@SlexAxton: I feel like we didn’t focus enough on the fact that someone in the Trump campaign meant to schedule the “four seasons hotel” but definitely accidentally scheduled this “four seasons landscaping” store and they had to follow through with it. Veep was not this good.…

Notion backlinks (while cool) are not as good as Backlinks in Roamresearch.

I currently pay for Dropbox. Basically for no reason. Think I’m going to cancel my Dropbox paid account to support paying for Roam.

Notes on Notes

I use a lot of apps because I like different features of all of them.

Roamresearch The newest app I use. I currently use this app for meeting notes at work. I also use it as a scratch pad / minimal todo list throughout the day rather than paper. If I generate longer term todos at the end of the day I will transfer to my task manager (Things 3). So far I like it for this purpose.

Notion My main use case is for notes I need to study. I have a job where I have to go to training every 5 weeks. I have a written exam during this training week. I have been using Notion to keep my notes and use the toggle feature to ask myself questions. I want to replace Evernote, but it doesn’t have OCR of documents, and I can’t forward an email to it yet.

Evernote I dump documents and emails here. That is my main use case now. I also will write some general notes, but not many.

Google Drive I need to share documents with my wife, so before dumping in Evernote, I put a copy in google drive.

I know this is kind of crazy, but it works for me.

Until the next shiny app comes along…