@manton went there when I was in the navy going to a school they have in Saratoga Springs , NY.

We used to go before I was 21 for… reasons.

@manton just curious. Still using hey?

@danielpunkass thanks for the discount! Couldn’t pass it up at this price

@craigmcclellan I really think the “normals” just don’t get it.

@heyscottyj I prefer Things, but I have to use a PC at work, and it makes OF on the web a lot easier.

Wish Things would follow suit, though that is highly unlikely I know.

@heyscottyj are you using Things now?

@manton what’s the back pack?

@Gaby my work PC is locked down, so I can’t :/

@Gaby so what are you using now?

@manton one of my absolute favorites!

@manton isn’t it roughly 10 billion years older than earth?

@craigmcclellan which complaint?

@kurite it was already set. I "reset" it.. and will try to search for it again in a few minutes I suppose.

@adrianizq did not come up with anything though.

@kurite my name does not show up when I search in a mastodon instance?

@kurite not far from where I grew up..

@danielpunkass one of my bosses at Dairy Queen in northern Ca. was named Bruce.

@Gaby just got the CPL 28 V3 (mirrored) to try out

@Gaby I’ve switched around. Keep coming back to Hey. I just like it better 🤷‍♂️

@manton from the elephant emoji , I’m guessing Evernote integration…..😂

@adrianizq open mail and see how much more quickly new messages load…

@JohnPhilpin what do you mean. I should clarify... google workspace, specifically. On my own domain.

@Gaby as your primary email?

@Gaby yes. IMHO it is, assuming you like sci-fi. Very easy to keep track as well

@Gaby correct. Same with 3/4

@Gaby I’ve switched back and forth. I really do like hey better though. I’ve renewed once already