Evernote in the age of DEVONthink to Go

I have used evernote since 2008. I have almost a decade of information in the service. I was a paid member till 2016, where I took a brief break and then started paying again in April of 2017. There is a lot to like about the service but I am growing increasingly frustrated with certain aspects of the service. [^1]

For one, although the redesign on iOS was needed and welcome, I don't think it went nearly far enough. It didn't really add any new functionality. Most tasks on the iOS app are still way to slow and require too many taps. For instance, batch moving notes or tagging on iOS is still not available.

Probably the other biggest issue with the service is how it treats files(notes). I believe it is due to the way Evernote's database works, but evernote can't be used as a document provider the way DEVONthink to Go can.

All the short comings of evernote are solved in spades by DEVONthink to Go. One problem I still have is that the app can't search inside word docs. This is a not DEVONthink's fault but rather a function of iOS. Still, it would be nice if the developers could find a work around.

[^1]: I've actually been frustrated ever since roughly 2014 when my iOS use started to outpace my mac use

Adrian Izquieta @adrianizq
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