Why I bought an Apple Watch with LTE

I have children. I also have an iPhone 7+. Sometimes, these things are at odds with each other. Let me explain...

Being a self confessed nerd, Iโ€™m usually on twitter or FB or reddit obsessing about productivity (Iโ€™m back on OmniFocus by the way) or every detail of the latest smartphone (ordering an iPhone X). When I say these things are at odds with each other I mean I sometimes feel guilty to be on my phone when Iโ€™m playing with my kids. I am sure all of you are super parents. You never let your children watch tv, feed them only organic locally sourced food, and bath them in unicorn tears. I am not that person. I sometimes struggle to put my phone away.

When I took my kids to the park today, things were different. I LEFT MY PHONE IN THE CAR. I knew that if anybody needed to reach me, they would be able to. It was so liberating to not be tempted to look at twitter, but still be able to be reached if an emergency came up, or work really needed to get a hold of me.

I know the Apple Watch has a lot of criticism. Not worth the price, battery life not good enough, etc. But for me at least, the cost was well worth it.

Adrian Izquieta @adrianizq
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