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Some initial thoughts on my HomePod

In no particular order

  • As nearly every review has said, the sound is amazing and really fills a room.
  • Much heavier and smaller than you probably thought
  • setup could not be any easier
  • Siri hears you very well even when the music is loud
  • there should be a setting that allows podcast syncing, but does not make it learn music. This would be useful as the whole family asks for music and I don’t want my music taste to be skewed, but I still want to be able to play and sync podcasts
  • For the things that Siri does do, it works very fast (i.e. turn on/off lights)
  • Sirikit apps “usually” work but not always at least in my experience. Not sure if that is due to the HomePod, my iPhone X, or my eero’s?
  • It could be the shiny new toy effect, but we are really listening to music more already. We still have echo’s in the house, but they sound like garbadge.

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