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More on Task Managers

I’ve been using both OmniFocus and Things for quite a while sort of floating back and forth between them. They are both amazing apps. I think I can unequivocally say that if your primary use of a task manager is from iPhone and iPad, then Things is the better app. If your primary use is from Mac with some iPad and maybe primarily just checking tasks off from iPhone, then it’s a toss up on your specific needs and habits. You will definitely run into more cases where Things may not do a specific thing (no pun intended) that you need. Say showing only tasks tagged “work” but not tagged “office” and grouped by project and “unavailable “. Which is very complex and you really may need this. But speaking for myself, if I simply go to a specific area and project, and simply filter by a tag, I can usually achieve the same thing, and I spend WAYYYYYYY less time coming up with the very best perspective ever.

YMMV, and I could change my mind after the next wizbang feature. It’s a real struggle with me finding the most awesomest task manager. Am I alone? Let me know what you guys think…

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