Task Manager Status


After some more thought, using a PC at work is causing me to change some things up.

This is not a new development. I have pretty much always used a PC at work. Sometimes I am able to use my iPhone or iPad. But only sometimes. This causes real friction tracking tasks. I really want to be able to use Things 3, but alas, they willl likely never have a web app.

Omnifocus currently has a web app in beta. But to be honest, although I still want to love Omnifocus 3, it really leaves something to be desired in 2019. It may be the most technically powerful, but itโ€™s design feels so so dated. This extends to their web app which is trying to emulate basic features of their desktop app. But at least in my humble opinion, it truly feels like an web app from the 1.0 era.

This brings me to the two web based solutions I am currently trying to decide between.


The current undisputed leader in this space. I have used this app in the past.

The beta currently allows sorting varies lists by date. But they just added this. Their handling of sub tasks is well, sub par (๐Ÿ˜‚). Their CEO has tweeted that a big revamp is coming sometime this year. It feels to me like their pace of development is very slow. They are a very well established company with more integrations than probably anybody. Iโ€™m not afraid they will be going anywhere anytime soon. It seems they donโ€™t want to sell and make a cash grab.


This is the new to me task manager. It feels like a more modern version of Todoist. It does have some issues thought. The biggest for me thus far is their natural language processing. In Todoist, it almost always seems to know what I was trying to say when entering a task date or recurrence. Ticktick does not work nearly as well in this regard. On the other hand, it has sorting of lists and smart lists right now. Their handling of sub tasks is also superior to the way Todoist currently does it. One feature that is not currently quite as good as Todoist is the way it displays email that I forward to create tasks. Most of these are from my work exchange account. In Todoist, they are displayed exactly as they appear in my work email app (Outlook). In Ticktick, it is mostly correct, but not exactly. Filters are technically more powerfull in Todoist, but I do like how Ticktick gives you a visual way to create them. It would not take much for Ticktick to catch up here. I think all they really need is to add “NOT” logic.

As always, take this with a grain of salt. I change task managers like most people change bed sheets. I do think I may have accepted that although I love native apps, as long as my work involves being on a PC, I will need a service that offers a web app.

Adrian Izquieta @adrianizq
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