How I’ve been using Omnifocus lately, and Why?

Since Omnifocus added OF for the web, I’ve been considering switching (back) from Things 3. I absolutely love Things 3, but it really helps to be able to access and update my tasks from my work PC.

I kind of have a Things 3 -esque workflow:

OF perspectives

I basically start my day with what is available. Then, I flag items that I want or need to work on today. This essentially creates my “Today” list. Similar to Things 3.

At first I was just deferring items out further that I didn’t get done from my “available” items, but then I realized that when I did that, I was changing the original due/defer relationship that I had created.

This is one thing in Things 3 that I like better. When a repeating task is created, that instance that is next due is seperate from the master, in that you can change the “when” date in Things 3 without changing the original repeating task set up.

Hope this all makes sense. The struggle is real!

Adrian Izquieta @adrianizq
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