Note taking vs Everything Buckets

I sort of think of Evernote differently than I used to.

As far as a strict note taker, I’m not sure I have a huge need for that these days.

I do have small notes I need to occasionally take, and any app is suited to this task.

The issue for me is I try to find the best “everything bucket” that also takes notes.

I bounce around among most of the top ones.

Evernote: been a user since 2008. Started becoming weary a couple of years ago. Not sure I like the direction they are going. And wherever they are going, it’s taking FOREVER

Keep It: Great iOS citizen, but, for me at least, always had slow sync issues. Maybe because it only allows iCloud sync?

DEVONthink: Amazing Mac app, but very heavy duty. Search is probably the best of any app, but again, it can be so heavy. The iOS app is ok…. Supposedly they are working on an update to improve the note taking experience, but they are a small company and move kind of slow. I found iCloud sync to be slow so switched to Dropbox. It seems to be much faster, but still not as fast as EN (IMHO). I really like the cloud first nature of EN. DT and DTTG do both sync, but they are very much not cloud first or cloud native products if that makes sense.

Adrian Izquieta @adrianizq
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