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Hey, FastMail, and Gmail Oh My!


Ok, I wanted to (and did) love using Hey. But there are and were issues.

The biggest issue for me is probably search. Search is currently awful in Hey. You can search for a keyword you know is in an email and it sometimes simply won’t find the email. Search doesn’t find file names in attachments. I don’t understand why it’s so bad. If search were rock solid, I may still be using Hey.

I liked the concept Hey uses of unimportant email going to the paper trail and the feed, however, too many companies still send email from the same email address. I end up getting tons of email to the Imbox still because I don’t want to miss the emails I do want to see still. With other services I use Sanebox, so a lot of filtering is taken care of for me.


I really do love FastMail. There mobile app is far superior to Gmail’s mobile app. Search if FastMail is great, it even searches inside documents now, just like gmail. The issue is that I still use Google for a lot of things. I didn’t switch to Hey for privacy concerns. I share a lot of documents with my spouse within Google Drive. It just didn’t make sense to stick with FastMail based on all the integrations I use from Google Workspace.

Will I go back?

Honestly, PROBABLY!

What I mean is I love to experiment with apps and services and something will probably push me back, and I’ll start the flip flop cycle, but these are my thoughts today.

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