More thoughts on HEY!

Features I like in no particular order

I do like the screener. But at times it can be annoying. For instance, I sign up for a food delivery service and make an order. They send an e-mail. I clearly want confirmation, but I always have to screen them in. The same is true for online retailers.

I love per contact notifications, but I wish they could be more fine grained. I want notifications from some things, but not every notification. For instance, I would like receipts from things I buy, but not “special offers” from the same domain.

I like Hey’s widget way more than spark or Apple mail for instance. Maybe this is per your own taste, but it’s what I think.

I like set aside, it’s probably my most used feature. I know it’s easily replicated in a standard client, but the way it’s built in makes a difference.

Focus and reply I rarely use. Outside of work, I just don’t reply to that many emails.

I also don’t really use the notes attached to e-mail like I thought I would.

Search hasn’t been an issue of late, but it’s clearly not yet as good as gmail or Fastmail. Like I said, it hasn’t been an issue lately, but I do worry about it.

They app. I really like the app, but do sometimes get frustrated I can’t easily get mail into Devonthink or use a new client.

Let me know what questions you have!

Adrian Izquieta @adrianizq
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