Lots of exciting news coming from @omnigroup.

The ball is in your court @culturedcode. Let’s see what you’ve got planned next.

Attachments? Web app (yeah right)! Some type of saved search or filtering?

Would still love an easy way to have inline photos on a blog post from iOS.

Does your blot blog auto post to microblog?

Strong key considering blot.im again

Went back to the light theme in Things 3. I think I’m not a huge fan of dark themes in general. 🤷‍♂️

ok just look at this animation from Things 3 😍

It also has a really cool haptic feedback when done on the iPhone.

This is harsh, as I still use OmniFocus too… but OmniFocus is beginning to feel like Windows, and Things 3 is Mac OS.


I routinely switch around my task manager, but having the OmniFocus forums available with people willing to help almost makes it worth it to stick with OF. Things had official forums at some point, but now reddit it the best bet. Which you know, Reddit?!

This is why I won’t be using 1-800 flowers anymore.

Just imagine if you could “host” your own tasks, similar to email on your own domain. Then you could easily switch between services as it suited you.

Sadly, it won’t happen. As it is, I believe the email standard being open is a fluke and luck. If it were invented a few years later, one company would likely own it. Same with podcasts being distributed via RSS. It’s a happy accident.

Considering switching to FastMail from Gsuite…