@Gaby yes. IMHO it is, assuming you like sci-fi. Very easy to keep track as well

@Gaby correct. Same with 3/4

@Gaby I’ve switched back and forth. I really do like hey better though. I’ve renewed once already

@Gaby stop using hey?

@craigmcclellan do you still have a website?

@canion thanks! Julianisawesome.com for anyone who is interested.

It’s about what you’d expect from a 6 yr old lol

@danielpunkass 👋

@MereCivilian I’ve been back and forth a lot lately, but i truly prefer HEY more than gmail or Fastmail. Not all aspects, but over all for sure. Can’t wait till they can start making improvements again.

@adrianizq I’m (back) on gmail. Google workspace to be more specific because I have my own domain name for email.

@Gaby mostly the same for me. The switching can’t be good.

@jack yes, Exactly!

It really was a great read. I absolutely this genre of book. Happen to have any similar recommendations?

@manton YouTube is basically video on the internet now. I’d be happy for the change.

@Gaby my favorite is pepperoni and pineapple.

@mattbirchler where did you go (back) to?

@Gabz Todoist?

@Gabz my favorite part is seeing what task manager is in the rotation...

@Gabz going on 13 yrs myself

@manton I bought a MBA this year. Though... I think I’ll trade it in towards an ARM version when available. Too enticing.

@Gabz I’m going to turn your world upside down. Check out Roam Research.

@mattbirchler I of course want everything to be free... but I understand people need money. There are many different avenues. Free and open is my preferred.... but content, I think is King. I may switch to Spotify from Apple Music because of this.

@danielpunkass how soon did you notice results?

@Gabz I played Yoshi's Crafted World with my 4 year old. We loved it!

@gabz they bad AirPods pro in stock at my Apple store today.

@Gabz I get many tasks and things I need to follow up on via email. I forward them all to Things.

I also get many tasks that are due in say 3 weeks, but I need to be working on as I have time.

This is where I really rely on start dates. It allows the task to show up in my today list, where I can see it and be reminded to make some progress, and if I don't finish it it just carries over to the next day, or.... If I know I won't have time to do that task today, simply change the "when" date to the next day.

I still like to keep up on other apps features, but the way things works just clicks with me.

If todoist would add start dates (unlikely) I would probably switch.

@Gabz good on you ... sticking with a task manager (hopefully).. for the way my brain works... things 3 is still working the best... I am on a pc a lot... and the way my job works I can't always be on my phone/ipad, but even so, start dates are really key.

And Things 3 is so fluid and fast on mobile