@Gabz good on you ... sticking with a task manager (hopefully).. for the way my brain works... things 3 is still working the best... I am on a pc a lot... and the way my job works I can't always be on my phone/ipad, but even so, start dates are really key.

And Things 3 is so fluid and fast on mobile

@Gabz not that much probably. The 22 is probably good. I was just thinking for traveling, but I rarely travel lol

@Gabz I’m still sore 3 days later

@Gabz my ideal is 170-180. I plan to start working out at least 3-4 days a week. I was able to do it a few years ago but fell off the wagon so to speak.

@Gabz jealous. I’m on ONLY day 2 of trying to make a change. Worked out the first day and the family went on a 45 min hike today. I’ve eaten fairly good both days as well. I need to lose about 20 pounds.

@craigmcclellan maybe we will try today

@Gabz Agreed, I know it's not trying to be Castro, but I like this feature in Castro. A quick way to delete everything in a particular play list. Part of why I've been using Castro lately. It's very easy to mass delete a bunch of shows.

@craigmcclellan Considering taking out 4 year old.... it would be his first movie....

@jsanchez because I want the AirPods pro and I hardly use my Sony ones

@craigmcclellan my only Mac right now is a mid 2013 MBA. It has held up amazingly well.

@craigmcclellan waiting on that back to the Mac post...

@BestofTimes sticking with OF?

@Gabz I’ve been using reeder for years. But also like their new app.

@craigmcclellan still staying with Fastmail?

@Gabz I’ve considered starting a squarespace site (again) after iPadOS with the improved safari it Wookiee be manageable from my iPad. Though still frustrating from my iPhone.

@Gabz it will take me at least a few days to feel normal and stop thinking about it.

@Gabz 20 GOTO 10

@Gabz how are you using raindrop?

@gabz using todoist yet?

@mattbirchler I guess my biggest use is for tasks that I need to start working on, but aren’t due till a later date.

@mattbirchler if you are working primarily out of forecast view that makes sense. Otherwise, how do you not see the upcoming tasks?

@mattbirchler wow. Surprising since defer dates are one of the major features of OF

@Gabz start yet?

@mattbirchler so, OF forced a task to be into a project. Do you just use misc. projects?

Do you use defer dates?

@Gabz I’m back on OF too