@mattbirchler so, OF forced a task to be into a project. Do you just use misc. projects?

Do you use defer dates?

@Gabz I’m back on OF too

@Gabz imo, at least on iOS, the Fastmail web app is far superior to gmail’s.

@Gabz happy FM user here.

@craigmcclellan I think many people are just incredibly ignorant of the reasons why. It’s frustrating. I always convert to pdf and send back signed.

@notionHQ is all the rage but it can’t OCR pdfs. Until it can do that and email notes to the app it won’t replace @Evernote (for me). The notion mobile app needs more work also...

@Cheri Thanks! Going against 3 other people so we will see 🤞

@ronguest I think just based on the number of devices that Apple could own this market if they chose to.

@gr36 I’m a fan actually. Been using it for 10 years. But the iOS apps are so buggy. Really hoping they address this in the coming months.

@gr36 well, that’s kind of normal Evernote behavior 😂

@adrianizq great show. I am actually an control room operator in the US, so I found it especially good!

@iamJeffPerry I say yes

@Gabz I decided to stay on MB too. After we talked I stayed on MB. I decided I like posting video sometimes and MB makes that easy now.

@wilsongis it does when you can’t always look at your phone but you can look at your watch.

@Gabz have you figured out how to post a video to blot?

@Gabz haven’t paid for OF web yet

@Gabz I can see that. I’ve spent WAY too much. OF pro, todoist, all versions of Things, goodtask, ticktick off and on

@Gabz this is my eternal struggle. I know I need to just pick one and go with it. They all have +/-

@Gabz development seems painfully slow@with todoist. They are just now geettting Apple Watch series 4 complications

@Gabz so funny. Was just thinking about todoist. It’s still better on my pc then OF. But Things is such a delight everywhere else. 🤓

@manton I only thought of it during the game tonight. I wanted to make a 🏀 category but couldn’t.

@manton you should allow emojis as category titles.

@andynicolaides how do you keep them separate?

@manton Would still love an easy way to have in-line photos in a blog post from iOS.

@Gabz I say this as I’m still messing around with OF 3