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gd my eternal struggle. Many of the Omnifocus features are more than I need… and Todoist on my PC functions better than OF for the web, however, Todoist has not and will not add start dates. For the way my mind works… I really want (need?) start dates. I used them for years when I used OF (probably 2008-2017 is), then with Things 3, and I just think they make too much sense for my workflow. I believe that OF will continue to improve their web experience. OF it is for now. They are also the best iOS citizen of the bunch and have already said they will be working to add the new features of iOS 13/iPad OS.

No Klay 😢. Can the warriors hold on?


I really can’t can’t wait for the supposed improvements to @Evernote. I’ve switched to Devonthink, which is great, but if I’m honest I preferred Evernote’s way of doing things. Maybe I was just used to it after 10 years. I only switched because the app on iOS is so buggy.

Will the updates to reminders in iOS 13 push @culturedcode to add some long awaited features? I’m thinking I might switch.

Apple reminders is adding attachment support in iOS 13. It looks dramatically improved. Your move @culturedcode. There are a lot of things users have been asking for. I could see a lot (more) people moving to the built in solution. Please add some things people have been begging for.

How I’ve been using Omnifocus lately, and Why?

Since Omnifocus added OF for the web, I’ve been considering switching (back) from Things 3. I absolutely love Things 3, but it really helps to be able to access and update my tasks from my work PC.

I kind of have a Things 3 -esque workflow:

OF perspectives

I basically start my day with what is available. Then, I flag items that I want or need to work on today. This essentially creates my “Today” list. Similar to Things 3.

At first I was just deferring items out further that I didn’t get done from my “available” items, but then I realized that when I did that, I was changing the original due/defer relationship that I had created.

This is one thing in Things 3 that I like better. When a repeating task is created, that instance that is next due is seperate from the master, in that you can change the “when” date in Things 3 without changing the original repeating task set up.

Hope this all makes sense. The struggle is real!

Sword fight 🤺


Some Feedback I gave to @omni today:

Just as you are allowed to NOT have a due or defer date, when you do have one of those, I wish you did NOT have to specify a due/defer time. Most of my tasks only have a time included as a result of there not being an option to remove this.

This would be in line (IMHO) with the progressive disclosure introduced with OF 3. The result of having to include a time in my tasks results in artificially interleaving tasks amongst my calendar appointments in the Forecast view. Removing the necessity to include a due/defer time would correct this.