Todoist, seriously?!

I have a serious problem. I worked in Todoist a lot last night 😱.

At work I use a PC and that obvious makes todoist useful. I played with the web version of OF and at least now it’s just not good.

Thinking maybe the web app first nature of todoist may win out. I wish Things would offer a web app. They seem pretty against it though.

I know @culturedcode is doing it at some point, but the inability to complete a repeating task early really prevents me from sticking with Things 3. Podcast Ep 2 “Task Managers”

I discuss Things, Omnifocus, and Todoist Podcast Ep 1 “Everything buckets”

Trying this again…

Somewhat Off Color Task Manager Joke

Things 3 is the person you meet at the bar who can be sexy and thrilling, but typically leaves you wanting more in the end.

By contrast, OmniFocus is the person you met in line at the grocery store who turns out to be super smart and funny. You can introduce them to your family and you end up living happily ever after.

I realize I’m a little weird with my task managers…

10 years of Software

I know it’s not en vogue right now, but I started using @Evernote in August of 2008. I’m still using it today.

Trying to think of other software I’ve used a similar length of time and the only thing that comes to mind is OmniFocus. I first purchased it with my first iPhone which was the iPhone 3G. This quickly led me to buying it for my Mac and a few years later on my iPad.

What software are you using from 10+ years ago?

Would love if you could tag folders in @Omni’s @omnifocus

Filter Out a specific Tag in Things 3

This tip (if you could call it that) only works well if you don’t have that many Areas and if you aren’t changing Areas around that often…

my Areas

So basically, I tag the Work Area as “Work”, and all other Areas in addition to whatever else I want to tag them, also get the tag “Not Work”. This allows me to easily filter by Work and Not Work .

Remember, if you tag an Area, then all items under that Area inherit the tag.

Until or unless Things 3 gets a more robust search and/or tag filtering system, this is what I have been doing.

Let me know if this helps anyone.

Does anyone want to be on my podcast and talk about task managers… because apparently I can’t write about anything else, lol ?

I really wish @Culturedcode would publish a roadmap for the year like @Omni does. I use both apps, but to be honest, I’m scared that Things 3 will languish the way Things 2 did. A roadmap for the year would make those fears go away.

More on Task Managers

I’ve been using both OmniFocus and Things for quite a while sort of floating back and forth between them. They are both amazing apps. I think I can unequivocally say that if your primary use of a task manager is from iPhone and iPad, then Things is the better app. If your primary use is from Mac with some iPad and maybe primarily just checking tasks off from iPhone, then it’s a toss up on your specific needs and habits. You will definitely run into more cases where Things may not do a specific thing (no pun intended) that you need. Say showing only tasks tagged “work” but not tagged “office” and grouped by project and “unavailable “. Which is very complex and you really may need this. But speaking for myself, if I simply go to a specific area and project, and simply filter by a tag, I can usually achieve the same thing, and I spend WAYYYYYYY less time coming up with the very best perspective ever.

YMMV, and I could change my mind after the next wizbang feature. It’s a real struggle with me finding the most awesomest task manager. Am I alone? Let me know what you guys think…

Considering switch to YouTube tv from Hulu. Thoughts?

The fact that Things has no saved searches or filters or perspectives might be its biggest downfall. I believe you could add this feature without adding complexity. Simply don’t use it if you don’t need to.

Observation of Things and OmniFocus

I’m finding it’s possible to have that overwhelming feeling with @culturedcode that people associate with @OmniFocus.

When tons of items show up in the today view because the “when” date is today, it’s somewhat annoying to not be able to filter OUT items by tags. This is where OF can feel calmer. You can build perspectives to only see what you need to.

Giving Castro a try again for my podcast listening. I love Overcast but kind of want to give Castro a try (again).

Could this kid be any cuter?

What if Apple mail gets the Apple notes treatment this year???

Brinks Home Security

This company is a complete scam. I wanted to cancel and they insist on charging for an extra month.

Let me be clear. I CANCELLED! The gear was unplugged and not installed at my house. I complained for 30 min on the phone and they assured me the would not charge again. Then they did.

I apparently have no recourse, but I would advise anybody that doesn’t want to be shackled to a company if they ever want to cancel, to not use this company’s service.

Spread this message far and wide.